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When the Flash Remoting components were rewritten in ActionScript 2.0, Mike Kollen and I wrote an article for the Macromedia Developer Center that explained how to build the work order status widget. That small widget alone was worth a whole article. We had, however, other 2 articles planned that showed other features of the application. We actually re-built the whole Trio Motor application using the newer components and the new Flash Remoting API. For simplicity, the original ColdFusion components were kept, with simply minor modifications.

While the other articles were never written, we still have the completely functional Trio Motor application version 2, so we thought that we could make it public. The application can be viewed at http://www.blueinstant.com/mx (choose an order and click on the Service Manager button). It includes some custom components and it also comes with complete documentation: http://www.blueinstant.com/mx/docs/

If I remember correctly you only need to set up a data source called “triomotors” and drop the mx folder in your webroot.

We are now planning on building the ColdFusion Flash Forms version of Trio Motor. :)

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Nahuel Foronda

Nahuel Foronda


  1. Brian Kotek
    VERY COOL! But yes, I can't wait to see the CF Flash Forms version of this. I'm a CF'er and know very little about Flash, so seeing how to do something like this with the built in tags and some custom ActionScript would be extremely useful. Keep up the great entries! :-)
  2. Chris Velevitch

    Chris Velevitch

    Brian, this is not CF Flash Forms application, it's a Flash application or more correctly a Rich Internet Appliation. This Flash application uses Flash Remoting to talk to the CF server. If I'm not mistaken, you can't use Flash Remoting with CF Flash Forms.
  3. Brian Kotek
    I'm referring to the last paragraph of this blog entry that says "We are now planning on building the ColdFusion Flash Forms version of Trio Motor."...so, well...yes, I'm looking for that. :-)
  4. Precia Carraway
    Like Brian, I'm looking forward to seeing this produced with a CFForm. I'm curious about the devilious details of the CFInput style issues. I'm building a ton of different flash forms for the company intranet, running into a graphic artistic problem of controling style features. So Nahuel and Laura, how do you make the CFinput label text WHITE on the blue background?
  5. Laura
    You can do the following:
    <cfformgroup type="hbox" style="backgroundColor:##006699;color:##FFFFFF">
       <cfinput type="text" name="display" style="color:##000000;" label="White Label" />

    Hope that helps
  6. Precia
    When I placed style"color:##000000;" in my CFINPUT this will work fine, but if I need the color to be FFFFFF, then you can't see it because not only is the label of the CFINPUT white, but the text inside the textbox is white on a white background. This makes it a bit difficult to read. I ran into this problem when I have a dark background form. Working with a AFCUG member, we came up with this...

    <cfform format="flash" width="300" height="100" preloader="true" style="background-color:##003399; color: ##ffffff;">
    <cfinput type="text" name="tester" label="TestMonkey" width="11" size="11" style="backgroundColor: ##ffffff; color: ##000000; ">

    Forcing all the text of the form to be FFFFFF and the text inside the textbox of the CFINPUT to be 000000 so I could see what I was typing.
  7. shimju david
    Hello Flash Form Innovators,

    We are checking every day "ASFusion blog" to see whether you people have posted flash form version of Trio Motors.

    We really looking forward to watch this app. We are a group of Coldfusion developers who are not at all interested to work on Flash, but very much interested to work on Flash Form, Flex and AS.

    Hope we can see it by this Month End.
    Really can't wait Laura and Nahuel :)

    We love you both and respect your efforts.

    Shimju David
    Emax Software
  8. Hi Shimju,
    We made the mxna instead. But we'll be writing an article in middle of September were we'll be showing step by step how to make something interesting.
  9. Alexis

    I'm a new CF developper, and i learn a lot on your website, thanks a lot.

    I've got a question.
    I would like to launch a movie from a cfform which is flash type. I don't find a way to do that. I saw your trimotors application, and see you launch a movie, but this application was created on flash with action script.
    Do you know a way of doing the same with only CF ?
    Is there a way to launch a swf inside a CFFORM in flash type ?