The idea for Conqu was hashed long before the Android or Blackberry tablets were even a rumor. However, the idea sat on the back burner for several years until finally the first production tablet devices were on demo at Adobe MAX in late 2010. At that point the hardware finally caught up to the requirements of such an app. It was time to un-shelf the idea and put forth the effort to create an exceptional app for the Blackberry Playbook.

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I think the event went very well. The setting was a little strange, with round tables and small screens spread out in the room, many of them looking away from the speaker. I was happy to see some more advanced presentations, so there was a little for everyone, I think. I'd like to thank Brian Rinaldi for his hard work and invitation.

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A new Flex framework has been born. Actually, it is not really new, because we've been developing and using this framework for a long time, but it is now available to everybody.

"Mate" (pronounced "mah-teh" like latte) is a tag-based Flex framework that uses implicit invocation to route events to handlers using an "EventMap". Those handlers are a list of actions that is executed when the event is dispatched.

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First of all we’d like to thank Michael White for sending us a gift from our wish list. We are so happy! It is the first time a reader other than my mother gets us a present (I don’t think my mother reads us anyway)

High in our wish list was a book about usability for the Web: Don’t Make Me Think! A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability. This book is great. It’s just so easy to read you’ll go non-stop and finish it in a day. Not only has very practical advice but also it’s very fun to read.

If you are interested, there is a sample chapter available at the writer’s website.

Thanks Michael!