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The coolest new tool showcased by Adobe at Chicago MAX had to be Thermo.  From everyone I spoke to at MAX who saw it, the consensus is clear -- Thermo is HOT!  This is a design tool that lets designers instantly create a working rich internet application from their artwork and wireframes!  With a few simple clicks of the mouse, the Flex source code is instantly generated from their artwork.  For example, you can import content from Adobe Photoshop and Thermo will instantly generate the mxml for it.  To really appreciate what a powerful took this will be for designers, take a look at the sneak preview I shot.






  1. Josh Rodgers
    Thermo will definitely make styling flex apps a lot easier. I spoke to some colleagues though (developers) and they questioned it a little at first. It did seem a little threatening when they showed it off at MAX, but honestly I think it will make my job easier.

    I am looking at it from a workflow perspective. Thermo will be another awesome tool in my toolbox, so now I can design using Photoshop/Illustrator/Fireworks and then push it into Thermo make the flex transitions, etc... and then use Flex Builder 3 to do the real developing now that most of my design is complete.

    If you work in a team environment, this will make life so much easier for the designer/developer collaborations.

    Thanks for the post, cant wait for it to be released next year.