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We submitted two entries for the Flex Developer Derby, which, for some reason, are not yet posted at Adobe Labs.

Home Locator is a complete revamp of our Real Estate sample application. We changed the functionality and included a Yahoo! Map that shows the property location. We actually didn't use much of the old code and we focused much more on the usability and look and feel of the application. We spent an incredible amount of time during the design, not even doing actual code. Most of the hurdles we encountered were due to Yahoo! maps not wanting to behave and bugs in the Flex framework, specially when we wanted to skin the application, going away from the default halo (or whatever is called now) look. At the end, we are happy with the outcome. Before you ask, no, we are not planning to give the source away, at least not for now. We are, however, going to post the source for the original Real Estate application for the Beta 3 release.

We have no hopes of winning anything with the other application, My to-do list, since it does not compare to the other entries. It is really a very simple application, and it was developed as part of an article for the ColdFusion Developer Journal. So you can expect to see a step-by-step tutorial based on it and the complete source for download soon.




  1. Bruno
    I went to the FDDerby showcase and couldnt find your entries either.
    Hopefully they will update their showcase site soon.

    Good Luck!
  2. Steve Walker
    Having taken a look at some of the other applications, your Home Locator is by far the leader of the pack. Not only does it look great but showcases the power of Flex. Great job!
  3. Alex MacCaw
    Great App. I'm just wondering, did you use the cairngorm framework and would you recommend it? Thanks
  4. tj
    Looks great guys! I would have recommended Google Maps. Its probably faster and give you better meta functionality as well as the satellite view of the property. good luck!
  5. Chris Charlton
    The Home Locator is nice, I like the reuse (and concept) of the favorite drag area for remove fav's; nice icons too.

    The MyToDo is actually cooler than the screenshots show it to be. :)
  6. Tim Scollick
    I don't think that they've updated that showcase page yet. My entry hasn't been add either:
  7. WayneG


    Well I can only say that you the two of you have really ben a inpiration to us folk stuck away in South Africa. Congradulations!

    I do have a question that is not directly related to the app. I have updated using the updater to CFMX 7.01, since this The reporting module part of our apps dont work.

    I have used the MX 7.01 updater which is now version 7,0,2,137072 . Since I have run this updater I get a error when I run a report, error as follows:
    Measage:Report compilation error. Error at (135, 20: null
    Type: coldfusion.util.RuntimeWrapper

    Thanx again for all you have taught us over the last few months.
  8. Bruce
    No properties showed up in HomeLocator. There were no areas to select in the drop down box.
  9. Nolan Dubeau
    Hi Nahuel and Laura,

    Fantastic work. The Flash Forms version was amazing, but this really takes the cake! Do you plan on releasing the source code for it? Also, any idea when Mango is going to be ready? Fantastic work!


  10. Joshua
    Awesome Guys, check it out! you made the featured list and your #1 on the page :)

  11. Michael White

    Michael White

    well that just goes to show you... I can't afford to live anywhere... but to learn that in such an intuitive and beautiful application makes it ok.
  12. Curt Hall
    We here at the office love your Home Locator app. We've actually been bouncing back and forth between Flex 1.5 and 2.0, though we've recently purchased 1.5 with all the bells and whistles. We're all really curious whether or not you used/modified the Flex 1.5/Yahoo Maps API to work in 2.0, or if you just started from scratch with the FAB. We're working on a project right now and using the FAB, but would really like to know how you did it since it looks so sharp.
  13. Gary R Gilbert
    Grats on the win guys, really nice app. My entry made it to the showcase but yours by far deserved a win!
  14. goncalo
    Hello! for some reason i cannot comment at the "Real Estate sample app updated for Flex beta 2"...dont know why.And i also cant read the comments of that page.
    I just want to ask if there is any king of tutorial for the real estate flex source code, i cant make it work! it gives me error 1118 in the file "Bus.as" does anybody have the same problem?? im using Version: 3.0.190133 and CF8. Thank you veru much
  15. Heypachuco


    Getting the "error 1118 in the file Bus.as"
    Has anybody come up with a fix for this?