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A new Flex framework has been born. Actually, it is not really new, because we've been developing and using this framework for a long time, but it is now available to everybody.

"Mate" (pronounced "mah-teh" like latte) is a tag-based Flex framework that uses implicit invocation to route events to handlers using an "EventMap". Those handlers are a list of actions that is executed when the event is dispatched.

In addition, Mate uses dependency injection to set the data that the views need directly to the views, without having to crate direct references to the model. I am just highlighting some of the features, and I can't cover all of them. We have a lot of information on the site (http://mate.asfusion.com) that you can read.

So why is Mate in alpha if we were using it for a long time? Mostly because we've never got any feedback from outside AsFusion and we want to have a short alpha that allows us to fix any problem or implement any suggestion that people may provide. It is probably more a beta than an alpha release. Before the final release, I think that we will focus on fixing bugs and only add a couple of features that I have in mind but not make big changes.

Nahuel Foronda

Nahuel Foronda


  1. John C. Bland II
    I wanted to give kudos to Laura for her preso at cf.Objective() on Friday. I really liked what I saw with Mate. The biggest part I liked was not having to build my classes to extend Mate classes. I could just use the event routing to clean things up...very nice.

    I'll probably give your framework a try on an upcoming project. Great work!
  2. Laura
    Hi John,
    Thank you for your comments!
    Give Mate a try and let us know what you think :)
  3. John C. Bland II
    OK...just got my first event dispatched around my app and through my views. PURE MAGIC! :-)

    I'm still learning things a bit but seeing the event pass through my app is really exciting.
  4. thinman


    This is one of the most elegant and powerful frameworks I've ever seen. The clarity with which it's engineered just speaks "MVC" like few MVC frameworks do. I'm definitely a self-taught rookie who's been dreading the learning curve, but I'm diving in with Mate. Right after I drink this triple espresso...
  5. Nahuel
    @ Constantiner: You can ask for features and submit bugs in the forums

    @Tom: Yes, mate tries to solve the same problems as Pure MVC and Cairngorm
  6. Jon
    The Mate site is down. I hope this isn't due to the project ending!