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After over two years of working on Mango, I have released version 1.0. This version has the features that I considered to be the most important, so having been tested by many people, I decided that is was robust enough to remove the "beta" adjective from it.

I'd like to thank all those brave enough to try it out - you've helped shaping Mango up. So far, I've got good feedback about Mango:

Just wanted to say I'm am completely impressed with Mango. The install process was about as smooth and simple as it could get. Skins are incredibly easy to make. Plug-ins are useful and easy to develop. The admin is well thought out. - Rick Mason, Technical Director, FITC

I've also started to get contributions from people in the form of plugins, and a new skin. People started to solve their own problems and, by creating plugins, they are able to do so without having to hack into the core code. In addition to the skin contributed by Nick, I've seen people using unique skins that I did not provide, which I believe is the proof that skins are easy to create. I am hoping to see a vibrant community of CF developers using and contributing extensions and skins for Mango.

I still have a list of features that didn't make the 1.0 release, but I'd also like to hear from you about what you think Mango should have.