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Hello World example A couple of months ago, we posted an updated version of a Hello World Flex example. We have created the same example, but using the Cairngorm framework. It still uses Remoting and ColdFusion. It is simple, but I think that by being so simple, it is easier to follow than a full-fledge application. It shows most of the pieces that make up a Cairngorm application, such as the ModelLocator to store the data and the state of the application, the controller, the command, the services and the delegate.

Disclaimer: We do not usually use Cairngorm, so this is only our interpretation of how a Cairngorm app would look like (we use Mate for our Flex development).

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  1. boybles


    Kudos for the example!!! When I had requested it in the first place, I thought you guys could really attract more heavy-duty Flex developers by giving them a simple Cairngorm example to work from (even though it is overkill for a Hello World app). I think Cairngorm is really for those wanting to make serious applications in Flex. For me it has help me do some heavy lifting. I hope the community continues to grow You guys have definitely made some great contributions. Thanks again!
  2. GreenEarth


    Great example for beginners. Sweet and simple way to learn Cairngorm.
  3. Mehdadoo
    Nice simple example,
    even dummies can understand how cairngorm would work like this.

    I am reading Professional Cairngorm (WILY publishing inc.), but even that book leaves you alone with figuring out how things work.
  4. holmesjp


    Your hello world example is broken. I updated the Wikipedia article to link to this blog entry instead.