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It is great to get to see everybody in the Flex community every now and then. As always, we end up spending more time talking in the hallways than attending sessions. I met so many people that I can hardly remember the name of everybody, if we met, please write a comment, so that I can recall :)

Though I couldn't attend to many sessions, this time I'm lucky, because thanks to Adobe's Sessions Project, all the presentations were recorded and they will be available to everybody to see and hear. From the ones I saw, I recommend Tony Hillerson and Juan Sanchez' See the Data, Be the Data. I heard a lot of good things about Labriola's Diving in the Data Binding Waters session, so I look forward to seeing that when it gets published.

To subscribe to the 360|Flex channel in AMP:

  1. Install AMP
  2. Click "My Favorites" menu at the top.
  3. Click "Add RSS Feed" at the bottom.
  4. Paste: http://sessions.onflex.org/1733261879.xml

From the feedback I got, I think my presentation went well. I love it when I am scheduled for the first day, so that I can relax and enjoy the rest of the conference.

If you want to see my Mate presentation directly, go to:

We'll be posting the code from the presentation soon.

During the conference, they had a 50-hour code jam that was organized by Ali Daniali. It was great to see a lot of developers contributing time and ideas there. Nahuel helped with some design, and because they chose to use Mate as their framework, he also helped with some questions they had about it. Good job on the code jam! We met some very nice people there and all were like long time friends :) The application that was created can be seen at FlexCodeJam.net, and the source code can be gotten from Google Code.

Also, the first issue of the Flex Authority journal was published and released at 360|Flex. I haven't got a chance to read it all, but Brian Rinaldi wrote an article about Mate there. Thanks Brian!




  1. Tony Hillerson
    Thanks Laura. By the way, I really recommend the Mate presentation - one of the best Developer presentations I've seen. Clear and concise, and also fun. The slides really were effective. The preso is already up on AMP.

    Looking forward to getting to work with Mate, thanks for your efforts on that, guys.

  2. Laura
    Hi Tony,
    I am glad you liked the presentation!
    I couldn't go to your other preso because it was so early in the morning :( They really need to start later than that. I am interested in starting playing with Rails, but I need a little push.
  3. Chris Martinez

    Chris Martinez


    Thank you for a great presentation! I also wanted to thank you for sitting with me and helping me use Mate in my application. That really helped me out. I'm looking forward to viewing the code used in your presentation!

    Thanks again,
  4. Johan
    I went through your Mate presentation PDF and could follow things quite easily - so you did a great job on the slides. Going to watch the video now.

    Many thanks!
  5. Holly Jones

    Holly Jones

    Excellent presentation - looking forward to seeing the code.

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