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I'd like to announce the release of our latest project, Fill Colors!  As many of you know, Nahuel and Laura have been passionate users and fans of Adobe Flex from its beginning.  With Fill Colors, we really want to explore and push the possibilities of what is possible with Flex. Having grown tired of the default Flex style, we wanted to manipulate the look and feel of a Flex application.  We were inspired by CSS Zen Garden, and used the same idea in our application:  the application cannot be modified and any changes can only be applied to the style sheet.  In this way, we can show the power of applying visual changes from the style sheet alone. Whether you’re an expert or a newcomer to Adobe Flex, we hope you will explore Fill Colors and that it will stimulate your interest and challenge your skills with the fun possibilities of skinning a Flex application.  

We hope to see lots of participation and people contributing Flex skins so we can showcase them for all to learn from.  We have some sample skins and you can see other Flex skin examples at www.scalenine.com.

Most of all, we want you to have fun with Fill Colors! We have a contest for people to submit their best Flex skins and it runs until September 28, 2007, so show us what you can do!  A big thanks to Ted Patrick for generously providing the contest prize!



  1. Chad
    very cool indeed! wish I had some free time to do something or this.
  2. Josh Rodgers

    Josh Rodgers

    Nice, I will try and squeeze in sometime for this contest :)
  3. Aaron

    I installed the FC default app in Flex Builder and it's great! However, when I build the default app, the gallery.xml and miscellaneous.xml contents do not appear in the app, just the app itself, empty. I followed the getting started tutorial to the letter but cannot see how to link the /sampleData folder to the FillColors.mxml app. I could use a little help, I'm using FC to really learn Flex skinning but this little part is getting me tripped up.