If you are starting to do mobile development and are used to create all your ItemRenderers in MXML, you may notice that the small devices like phones and tablets do not perform as well as the desktop does and you need to start looking closely to different ways to optimize you app.

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The idea for Conqu was hashed long before the Android or Blackberry tablets were even a rumor. However, the idea sat on the back burner for several years until finally the first production tablet devices were on demo at Adobe MAX in late 2010. At that point the hardware finally caught up to the requirements of such an app. It was time to un-shelf the idea and put forth the effort to create an exceptional app for the Blackberry Playbook.

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A couple of weeks ago, Adobe launched an AIR application called Adobe Enterprise Cafe:

The Adobe Enterprise Café AIR app helps you stay in touch with Adobe teams and the enterprise community, receive news, find information, and aggregate content related to the entire enterprise community knowledge base. This is great place for all partners to receive timely news and stayed informed.

I am happy to say that we developed the news section of the application in Flex using the Mate Framework, and its backend, which is powered by Mango Blog

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MAX is less than a week away. There will be tons to do and see, so we hope to see you there.

It will be an honor to present Mate along side other framework creators and experts and Christophe Coenraets. The session is called "Using Flex Frameworks to Build Data-Driven Applications", where the same application will be built using four different frameworks. This session will be given Tuesday (1PM) and Wednesday (1:30PM), but it is almost sold out.

I will also present about Mango Blog at the ColdFusion unconference (Tuesday 4:30PM). It will be an overview, but I am planning to have a longer Q&A section for more advanced questions or any other question people may have.

Finally, Jeremy will be presenting at Mini-MAX (right after MAX) about skinning in Flex.